About Our Church

Our church is wonderfully unique in that it is both deeply rooted in the past and quickly growing into the future.

Our presence in northeast Texas dates back to the 19th century when a circuit riding preacher would ride his horse from Sulphur Springs in the morning, to Winnsboro in the afternoon and Pittsburg in the evening. Although much has changed since that time, our passion and commitment to our Lord Jesus Christ and sharing his gospel in this part of Texas has not changed.  

Our church is multi-generational. We have pre-school children all the way to members in their nineties and absolutely every generation in between! Our church is Presbyterian in our beliefs and our church structure. We are a member church of the Presbyterian Church (USA).

.Our church is a warm and loving place to visit or be  part of a family. It is not uncommon to find hugs, handshakes, conversations and friendships. Our church is absolutely committed to extending welcome, hospitality, love, and a feeling of belonging. We do this because it is a part of what it means to extend the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We welcome ALL for worship, fellowship and learning in an accepting, inclusive community of faith.  Whoever you are, wherever you are, on the journey of life, you have a home at First Presbyterian Church Winnsboro.

Our Church History


Presbyterians have been in Winnsboro since 1871.  Our church was chartered by Reverend R.E. Sherill with eleven members, including several former members of the Presbyterian Church in Webster, a community three miles southwest of Winnsboro.  Determined members came over the dusty or muddy dirt roads on foot, horseback, wagons, or buggies.


 The first building for our church was a white, pine frame structure built near the cemetery on land given by early philanthropist Nancy Cook, who also persuaded the railroad to come through town by donating land.  In 1907, the congregation purchased our current site and moved a frame schoolhouse across the street by cutting it into sections and rolling it on log rollers pulled by mules.  Reassembling the building, we had our current sanctuary.  


Through years of visiting evangelists, sharing circuit rider preachers between 1907 and the 1930's from Sulphur Springs to Pittsburg, Texas, and seminary students in the 1940's, our congregation added new members.  In 1953, we were able to build a manse and fellowship hall called the Reid Building, in memory and gratitude for Louise Reid and Whitson Reid; that fellowship hall is still in use today.


 On May 20, 1984, our church was recognized as a Texas Historical Site; then, in 2002, it was listed in the Registry of American Reformed Historical Sites by the Presbyterian Historical Society.


In 2009, we purchased the house across the street from the church property on the east to allow us to provide our pastor with a manse.  This 2633-square-foot house and fenced backyard is an asset we can offer a new pastor.


  In 2012, we purchased the house we now use as our church annex. Then, in 2013, the land to the west of the parking lot was also purchased, and the house that was located on that lot was given to Morgan’s Mercy Mansion for use in their women’s mission housing. A children's playground was soon  added where families could spend time enjoying the shaded church grounds.

Our Values

We believe that the Bible is the Word of God. It is truth. It is authoritative, and it alone reveals Jesus Christ. We adhere to the ancient and universal Christian faith as they are described in the Apostle’s and Nicene creeds. That faith includes the traditional understanding of Trinity, the sin of humanity, salvation through Jesus Christ alone, and the coming Kingdom of God. We organize and govern ourselves according to the Biblical practice of elder leadership (also called Presbyterian polity).


We value Truth, but there is no truth without Grace

We value, celebrate, and allow for a great range of theology. But the theology you will hear taught and articulated, both in classes, and from the pulpit, is biblical reformed theology (sometimes called “Calvinist” theology). We value the ministry of both men and women.


We value Grace, but we

will not compromise Truth

We value the reality that all persons are at different stages in their life, in all kinds of relationships, and with different experiences of faith. It is our intention to make you feel loved with us.


We value Jesus Christ who demonstrates what it means to be “full of grace and truth.”

And it is my desire to lavish my love on you simply because you are my child and I am your father... 1 John 3:1


We value your life, your hopes, your dreams.

For in Jesus, my love for you is revealed... John 17:26

Our Mission and Vision

We are a loving, generous, accepting congregation that strives for spiritual growth through sharing God’s Word.  This is achieved through the pulpit and lay-led classes. We offer two Sunday school classes before worship service.    

We are committed to our youth and want to continue to build our youth program through solid Christian instruction, including Presbytery-sponsored events.  The church offers to sponsor high school members to attend  SHYC (Senior High Youth Connection) and Synod Youth Workshops.  Middle and high school youth are invited to attend two retreats a year at Camp Gilmont, a Presbyterian campground located nearby.  The church also has a tradition of offering to send  young people to summer camp at Camp Gilmont.  In addition, several of our members serve at Camp Gilmont as counselors,  volunteers  and staff.

"We are a congregation Together in Christ: Learning, Living, and Sharing the Word.

Our mission is to extend the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ to northeast Texas and beyond.

That would be our church.  We are a loving balance, dedicated to extending the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ to northeast Texas and beyond. We remain committed to ministry within the church, the larger community and the world.


Worship Service Time - 11:00 a.m. - Always expect a warm welcome when you worship with us, but bring your sweater in the summer because the air conditioner works very well! If you need directions please click HERE

  • You can expect people to be dressed in a variety of different clothing - some in a suit and tie , some in blue jeans and t-shirt, and most people somewhere in between.
  • You can expect piano and/or organ with occasional specials by the chime choir and trumpet and woodwind soloists.
  • You can expect a traditional worship service that is not overly rote and is surprisingly fresh.
  • You can expect wonderful hymn music.
  • You can expect a safe and well-run nursery to be available for pre-school aged children.
  • You can expect friendly people to welcome you and invite you back.
  • You can expect that young men and women will be a part of the worship service along with adults.
  • You can expect to have communion with the church on the first Sunday of every month.