Presbyterians have been in Winnsboro since 1871.  Our church was chartered by Reverend R.E. Sherill with eleven members, including several former members of the Presbyterian Church in Webster, a community three miles southwest of Winnsboro.  Determined members came over the dusty or muddy dirt roads on foot, horseback, wagons, or buggies.  


    The first building for our church was a white, pine frame structure built near the cemetery on land given by early philanthropist Nancy Cook, who also persuaded the railroad to come through town by donating land.  In 1907, the congregation purchased our current site and moved a frame schoolhouse across the street by cutting it into sections and rolling it on log rollers pulled by mules.  Reassembling the building, we had our current sanctuary.  


    Through years of visiting evangelists, sharing circuit rider preachers between 1907 and the 1930s from Sulphur Springs to Pittsburg, Texas, and seminary students in the 1940s, our congregation added new members.  In 1953, we were able to build a manse and fellowship hall called the Reid Building, in memory and gratitude for Louise and Whitson Reid; that fellowship hall is still in use today.


  In 1983, our church was recognized as a Texas Historical Site; then, in 2002, it was listed in the Registry of American Reformed Historical Sites by the Presbyterian Historical Society.

God In Three Persons


Our Church History


Winnsboro, Texas

    In 2009, we purchased the house across the street from the church property on the east to allow us to provide our pastor with a manse.  This 3500 square foot house and fenced backyard is an asset to our pastor and his family.

In 2012, the property to the west of the church was purchased, including the yellow house, which serves currently as our church office and  conference room.  

    In 2013, the land to the west of the parking lot was also purchased, and the house that was located on that lot was given to Morgan’s Mercy Mansion for use in their women’s mission housing. A children's playground was added where families could spend time enjoying the shaded church grounds.

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