Morgan's Mercy Mansion 

Morgan's Mercy Mansion is a faith-based rehabilitation center for women.  

It's six-month residential program provides help, hope, and healing for women seeking relief from drug and alcohol addictions.  


Founded in 2005, Morgan's Mercy Mansion has expanded from 7 to 15 beds.  It has served over 221 women, 85 of whom have graduated from the program.  Graduates have a 78% success rate.  Currently 33 volunteers teach and serve as administrators for the 19 recovery classes that all residents are required to attend.  


The Mansion's goal is based on 1 Corinthians 3:9:  “We are God's fellow workers.”   God alone can take a broken life and mend it.  The Mansion seeks to work with God to help women heal, to encourage them to accept and instill God's truth in their lives, and to forgive themselves and others, letting go of the past.


We seek to equip them to live a Christian life, to restore what has been lost or destroyed through addiction, and to  enable them to discover God's purpose for their lives.  



Winnsboro, Texas

The six-month program provides structured accountability, Bible study and prayer, spiritual guidance, life skills training, job skills education, parenting development, recovery classes and groups, corporate worship, and a transitional program back into the outside world.





Volunteers and donations, both financial and in-kind, are always needed.  Like the Mansion's website to find out how to help at or call us at 903-342-3862.

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